Our Process

The 5 Construction Phases
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Phase 1

Consultation Phase

Contact us for a meeting to answer your questions about our process.

Get familiar with our products and designs or bring your own ideas or plan.

Discuss financing considerations and options.

Choose a style and layout for your home.

Discuss/choose design options and home.

Project estimates based on specifications.

Phase 2

Design / Option / Specification Phase

Phase 3

Contract / Permitting / Financing Phase

Create and review contract.

Confirm detailed specifications and plans.

Sign contracts and apply for financing and permits.

Register for Builder Trend
Our online collaboration software

Groundwork and foundation

Framing and rough-ins

Finishes and interiors

Final Inspections

Phase 4

Building Phase

Phase 5


Receive certificate of occupancy.

Final walkthrough and turnover to homeowner.

Close on permanent financing.

Settle in and make yourself at home!

How can we help you build your dream home?

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1285 Progress Drive,
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Sean O'Reilly in Front Royal, VA on Houzz
Sean O'Reilly in Front Royal, VA on Houzz
Sean O'Reilly in Front Royal, VA on Houzz

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