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Home Builders in Middletown, VA

Our priority is designing homes and buildings that are both beautiful and practical, bringing both aspects together to create a unified project.

We have a firm belief that the best designs are the result of collaboration. 

For this reason, our designs are always influenced by the natural environment surrounding the building, and especially the owner’s vision for the new space.

Technology and Construction

We strive to keep our customers up-to-date by utilizing effective online and app-based collaboration software.

This allows us to communicate clearly and quickly about the building process and timelines.

In addition, our technology helps us dialogue efficiently with our customers about their product selections, change orders, and project summaries.

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Experienced Custom Home Builders in Middletown, VA

Our team has over 35 years of experience working in the Shenandoah Valley. 

Over the years, we have developed high-quality building processes, combining our thorough knowledge of the local building environment and market with the latest building techniques and popular designs.

Our unique experience in the local area sets us apart from the competition.


They go the Extra Mile

Noah goes the extra mile to ensure your house is your home… We feel so strongly about their dedication that we are now using them for a second project. We are happy to call them our company and now, our friends.

Bill and Stephanie, March 2014 | More Houzz Reviews


Superior Quality

The quality of their work was superior, they responded to all our questions and concerns throughout the process, and we were able to work through weather-related set-backs and budget updates.

Lisa Kearns, July 2010 | More Houzz Reviews


A Most Rewarding Experience

From beginning to end, my experience with Petrine has been a most rewarding one, beginning with the planning of my new house, the actual construction, the finishing touches and occupancy.

Mark Pilon, July 2010 | More Houzz Reviews

The Premier Builders in Middletown, VA

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With Petrine…

You will find that a building is more than just a checklist of rooms.

It is a creation with a unique DNA, influenced by the environment and by you, the owners.

We believe the best homes and buildings are built from ‘the outside-in’. That means the vision for each project focuses on featuring the natural surroundings, such as sunlight and the view.

Once inside a Petrine home or building, you will always find bright and thoughtful spaces, with significant evidence of the thought given to the flow and working patterns of the house.

We always strive to construct a good building, but we are also passionate about creating the right building.

How can we help you build your dream home?

How can we help you build your dream home?

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