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We have the experience, technology, and integrity to bring your vision to life.
Custom Home Builders in Middleburg
Since 1985, Petrine Construction has been serving as a custom home builder in the Northern Shenandoah Valley region.

As one of the premier home builders, we’ve built our reputation on our innovative designs, honesty, integrity, and commitment to outstanding workmanship.

Our goal is to create the custom home of your dreams. We look at your lifestyle, your preferences and your budget to help you create efficient, livable spaces. We also work in a collaborative way, tying you in to the construction process at every step, using online and app-based software.

If you’d like to see some of our custom homes, we have plenty built throughout the Middleburg area. Just ask us for directions!

Contact us to discuss building your custom home in Middleburg.

Middleburg Custom Home Floor Plans
A great custom home begins with a fabulous custom home floor plan. At Petrine Construction, our experienced team can help you design the home that’s right for you and your family.

We’ll sit with you to discuss your custom preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Then, we’ll make our suggestions for how to best design just what you are looking for.

If you want a custom home without the effort of designing from scratch, Petrine Construction also offers several collections of floor plans from starter to fantasy homes! Pick the one that’s right for you.

See many of our designs built within a 15-minute drive of Middleburg.

Frequently Asked Questions for Middleburg Custom Home Builders

How much does it typically cost to build a new custom home in Middleburg, VA?
Across the United States, custom homes usually cost between $250K and $425K. They can, however, cost much more – and if you’re building a home in Middleburg, VA, chances are you want something that will cost a lot more. It’s not unusual for properties in Middleburg to be valued at $750K or $800K. See our blog post on “How Much Does a Custom Home Cost?
How does Middleburg's weather factor into the process of building a custom home?
Most exterior construction in Middleburg, VA happens during Spring, Summer, and Fall, due to better weather conditions. Winter construction is also possible, but snow, ice, and heavy rain can delay the work significantly. We prioritize the safety of our employees and contractors, as well as the safety of your home!
I already have a site to build on in Middleburg. Can you use that lot?

We can certainly build on your lot in Middleburg — it conveniently cuts out the time needed to find a lot to build on. We will want to design the home so that it takes best advantage of the particular features and views offered by your lot. We will visit your lot with you to walk it and discuss our ideas for your home’s construction.

Will I get a custom home builder’s warranty?
Absolutely. In addition to manufacturer’s product and materials warranties, Petrine Construction offers a one-year warranty on our labor that is issued to you at our final walk-through. If you encounter an issue with our work within the warranty period, Petrine will be glad to help you resolve it.
How can I keep track of progress if I am unable to visit the construction site?
Just because you’re getting a custom home in Middleburg doesn’t mean you’re always in Middleburg! Fortunately, for your convenience, we employ an online scheduling program called Buildertrend. This construction management software schedules and tracks all the tasks of your job along the way, and allows our clients to log in to see what is being done each day. It also offers a robust communication portal we use to message with you on a regular basis. You can also visit your job site at any time for a walk-through with us. We have a project manager on site at each project.
Do I have to get permits or other paperwork from the town of Middleburg to build my custom home?
If your custom home will be within the town of Middleburg, you will need a zoning permit. Whether or not you are constructing with the town limits, you will also need a building permit from Loudon County, and the county will likely want to review the building plan. As your custom home builders, it is our job to acquire these permits as part of our scope of work.

Our Collections

Sample House from Starter Collection - Custom Home Builders

The Starter Collection

Our Starter Homes offer quality design on a budget.

With our pre-planned homes, you’ll get a gorgeous new home, without the extra time and cost of a custom project.

Sample House from Family Collection - Custom Home Builders

The Family Collection

The homes in our Family Collection focus on the needs of your family.

We’ll help you design a home that is customized to your tastes and needs, while remaining within your means.

Sample House from Rolling River Collection - Custom Home Builders

The Rolling River Collection

Looking for a private country retreat or vacation house? Or a home to retire to?

With the Shenandoah Valley as inspiration, our Rolling River homes offer quality designs that fit your needs.

House from Estate Collection, made by luxury home builders

The Estate Collection

With high levels of customization, our Estate Collection is full of our largest and most handsome homes.

These spacious, regal, bold homes remain respectful of the landscape.

Sample custom retirement home

Retirement Homes

Retirement homes are typically designed for living on one floor. Hallways and doorways are commonly made wider than normal, as well.

A small guest bedroom is, also, typical.

Computer generated dream home design

The Dream Collection

We think it’s important for you to dream big.

Get the creative juices flowing and design the home of your dreams with our Dream Collection. The possibilities are endless!

Proud local custom home builder with dozens of completed projects in Virginia.


They go the Extra Mile

Noah goes the extra mile to ensure your house is your home… We feel so strongly about their dedication that we are now using them for a second project. We are happy to call them our company and now, our friends.

Bill and Stephanie, March 2014 | More Houzz Reviews


Superior Quality

The quality of their work was superior, they responded to all our questions and concerns throughout the process, and we were able to work through weather-related set-backs and budget updates.

Lisa Kearns, July 2010 | More Houzz Reviews


A Most Rewarding Experience

From beginning to end, my experience with Petrine has been a most rewarding one, beginning with the planning of my new house, the actual construction, the finishing touches and occupancy.

Mark Pilon, July 2010 | More Houzz Reviews

We always strive to construct a good building, but we are also passionate about creating the right building.

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