If there is one question we hear often, it is “How much does a custom home cost?”

As a premier custom homebuilder in Northern Virginia, we tell them there are a lot of factors to consider. Among them are size, materials, labor, design style, location, and siting.

How Much Does a Custom Home Cost?

According to a HomeAdvisor calculator,

the average cost for building a single-family custom home in the Front Royal area is around $175 per square foot.

But prices can range from the low $200s to more than $700,000 and higher, depending on the above factors. Expect to pay between about $200 and $400 per square foot for a custom or luxury home.

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How to determine cost per square foot:

Builders and Realtors talk in terms of cost per square foot when speaking about how much a custom home costs. To determine your cost per square foot, take the total cost of your project and divide it by the square footage of the home.

Total project cost ÷ square footage = cost per square foot

If the total cost is $600,000 and the square footage is 3,500, your cost per square foot would be $171.86. You can use this number to compare costs to homes that are similar in nature.

You can expect to pay approximately two times the cost of a production-made house for a custom home with top-grade materials. In addition, you must add in the cost of the land.

What Factors Influence Custom Home Cost?

The complexity of a home has an effect on how much a custom home costs. The same size home could run vastly different in pricing if it contains complicated angles or truly custom features. 

Determine the style of your home, the level of quality materials you expect, and any special features you desire.


A two- or three-story home will have a smaller footprint than a one-level home, and requires less foundation work and roofing.

Building Materials

The materials you choose for your home can truly up the cost. Think of all the choices you must make in flooring, paint, roofing materials, cabinetry, countertops and surrounds, appliances, windows, and doors. If you want to add custom features like a spa in the master bath or surround sound throughout the house, these can increase the price also.

Home Features

Custom architectural features like a grand entryway, curved staircase, vaulted or tray ceilings, and roof pitches cost more than standard features.

When building a custom home, be sure to obtain complete architectural drawings.

If you purchase a custom home plan, it is wise to have a qualified architect review them before committing to building. He or she might find areas that either won’t work for your lifestyle, or ones where they can make improvements.


Hire an Experienced Custom Home Builder

For the best result, hire a home builder with experience in building custom homes. Although the basics are the same, the finesse of custom features is best left to a builder with the right qualifications.

In addition to being one of the Northern Shenandoah Valley’s most respected custom home builders, Petrine Construction sets the standard for customer service. We believe that two of the most important aspects of working with clients on a custom home are communication and collaboration, and we work together with our clients to create the home they want.

When you are considering building a custom home or a luxury home, contact Petrine Construction.

We can offer design ideas, review plans, and tell you how much a custom home will cost. Then we’ll get to work building you your dream home. 

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