Trusted Commercial Construction. Quality from Start to Finish.

Commercial projects can be large, involved and intimidating. Leverage Petrine’s experience and get help from start to finish. We partner with the best local engineers and architects to ensure your commercial project effectively meets practical, internal, local, and aesthetic standards.

Petrine’s commercial projects include churches, offices, gymnasiums, dormitories, libraries, and corporate headquarters.

We offer a variety of commercial building solutions for these projects and incorporate wood, concrete, stone, brick and steel into our buildings.

Pre-Engineered Commercial Construction

Petrine is a Star Pre-Engineered Building Dealer. This means, if you need a building that is at least 75′ in both dimensions, then a pre-engineered steel building starts to become an economical alternative to any other method of construction.

The size of the building is only limited by the amount of land you have to build on. And, if you need to clear/span large areas—as in riding arenas, sports arenas, etc.—nothing beats steel for cost effectiveness.

Pre-engineered buildings can clear span up to 200 feet in width over any length. Roof slopes can be anywhere from 1/4:12 to 6:12, and eave heights up to 58 feet are possible.

Contact us with your selection, or to ask any questions.

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