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Our Custom Home Builders’ Services

Local Custom Home Builders in Virginia

Petrine Construction is a team of custom home builders that work for you.

We’re not only passionate about creating efficient and beautiful living spaces, but designing custom homes that our clients love.

Using the latest building technology and our knowledge of the local market and landscape, you can trust us to guide you through the home building process.

Our Collections

The Starter Collection

Our Starter Homes offer quality design on a budget.

With our pre-planned homes, you’ll get a gorgeous new home, without the extra time and cost of a custom project.

The Family Collection

The homes in our Family Collection focus on the needs of your family.

We’ll help you design a home that is customized to your tastes and needs, while remaining within your means.

The Rolling River Collection

Looking for a private country retreat or vacation house? Or a home to retire to?

With the Shenandoah Valley as inspiration, our Rolling River homes offer quality designs that fit your needs.

The Estate Collection

With high levels of customization, our Estate Collection is full of our largest and most handsome homes.

These spacious, regal, bold homes remain respectful of the landscape.

The Dream Collection

We think it’s important for you to dream big.

Get the creative juices flowing and design the home of your dreams with our Dream Collection. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Home Floor Plans

Your home should be unique, influenced by the environment and by you.

Don’t have the time or desire to design a home? Browse and customize our collections of custom floor plans.

Proud local custom home builder with dozens of completed projects in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.


We think that custom home construction and design should be a collaborative process. That’s why we work with you to create a quality living space.

Our efficient, yet playful, homes and buildings relate well to the landscape and are designed to serve your needs.


Unlike too many local home builders, Petrine Construction is built on honesty, trust, and a commitment to creating value for our customers.

We provide clarity as well as value for our homeowners as they navigate the complexity of the building process.


For 35 years, Petrine Construction has been building premier custom homes in the Shenandoah Valley.

We know the best custom home construction processes, and stay up to date with the latest building trends and breakthroughs.

Here’s how it works:


Step 1:

Schedule a consultation. We’ll answer any questions you may have about our process.

Step 2:

Set up a site visit to determine the house size, style and design considerations that will take advantage of the best features of your lot.

  • Choose your home plan or begin designing a new plan with our experts.
  • Consider and choose specifications and options to consider in your home. Our team will guide you through this process with input on materials, pricing and durability considerations.
  • Our experts will create an estimate for you based upon your chosen design, options, and specifications.

Step 3:

We’ll create and review your contract with you. Confirm your building details and apply for financing and permits.

Step 4:

Building and completion. After final inspections and walk-throughs, settle in and make yourself at home!

Get a free estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Home Builders

How much does it typically cost to build a new custom home in Virginia?

In Virginia, the typical cost to build a new home is around $100 per square foot. This, of course, depends upon where you live in Virginia. For example, in Northern Virginia, you can expect to spend up to approximately $199 per square foot.  Overall, average prices to build a new home range between $75 and $400 per square foot. See our blog post on “How Much Does a Custom Home Cost?

How does the Virginia weather affect the custom home building process?

Because of the more pleasant weather conditions, much exterior construction in Virginia takes place during the spring, summer and fall. Construction can also be done in the winter, with the exception of heavy rain, snow and ice days. We consider the safety of our employees and contractors, and your home first.  During the winter months, Petrine Construction often works on interior projects when work cannot take place outdoors.

Can you help me find a lot or tear down a house?

Petrine Construction has dozens of lots in Front Royal, VA and the surrounding area in which we’ve invested. We can also hook you up with one of the top Realtors and Brokers in the area to help you find additional lots. If there is an existing home on the property, as a custom builder, we can tear down the house and help you design and build the home of your dreams.

How long does it take to design my custom home?

The design process is a fluid one so it does not have a standard time frame. We begin by meeting with you to discuss your needs, lifestyle and desires, and to view images of homes you like. Then, we gather information we need to create sample designs. Once you choose a design, we tweak that design until it is just right before going into the construction phase. The design time depends on the size and complexity of the project.

How much does it cost to design my custom home?

Most architects and design firms charge by the hour to create a home design, with an estimate of approximately 10% – 17% of the home’s cost in the design. Petrine Construction offers you the option of design cost savings through our home design collections. Choose from one of our existing designs and make modifications to make it your own.

How do I find a lot to build my new custom home on?

Petrine Construction has invested in a number of great lots in and around Front Royal that are available for your choice. We also have relationships with the top Realtors and Brokers in our area who can also help you find the ideal lot. You’re welcome to view our available lots.

How do I finance the construction of my new custom home?

Normally, people obtain a construction loan, also known as a construction mortgage, instead of a traditional mortgage to finance the construction of their new home. With this type of loan, only interest is paid during the construction period and money is paid by the lending organization incrementally to the builder during the construction process.

Can you help me find a lot or tear down a house?

Petrine Construction has dozens of lots in Front Royal, VA and the surrounding area in which we’ve invested. We can also hook you up with one of the top Realtors and Brokers in the area to help you find additional lots. If there is an existing home on the property, as a custom builder, we can tear down the house and help you design and build the home of your dreams.

How much supervision will my custom home have during the building process?

Petrine Construction assigns a project manager to each job, and it is their responsibility to be on site to supervise the construction process.  There will always be a site supervisor on the site during any work times. We want to get things right the first time, so we supervise our work throughout the process. The homeowner is not required to be on site, but is welcome to come to the job site to see our work.

I already have a site to build on. Can you use that lot?

We can certainly build on your lot—it conveniently cuts out the time needed to find a lot to build on. We will want to design the home so that it takes best advantage of the particular features and views offered by your lot. We will visit your lot with you to walk it and discuss our ideas for your home’s construction.

How do I get started building a custom home?

The word “custom” implies that you will want to put your own personality into the home, rather than accept a cookie-cutter plan. To get started, we will arrange a consultation with you where we will ask lots of questions about what you need and like, your lifestyle and family, and your must-have features. We’ll discuss your budget and then make recommendations and offer options for the design of your custom home. From there, we enter the design phase.

What is your per-square-foot price to build?

There is no standard price per square foot. The cost entirely depends on the features you want. While it is possible to divide the total price by the square footage of the home, the resulting number will not provide useful information. We work within your budget to design and build a custom home that’s right for you.

Do you have a model, or model homes?

From time to time, Petrine Construction will build what we all a spec home that will be used as a model and offered up for sale. This helps us to demonstrate some of the homes in our collections and allows potential clients to walk through actual models. We do not maintain a year-round model. We can direct you to homes in our area we have built using our signature floor plans so you can see an actual home of the plan you select. We have a number of collections, ranging from starter homes to estates.

They go the Extra Mile

Noah goes the extra mile to ensure your house is your home… We feel so strongly about their dedication that we are now using them for a second project. We are happy to call them our company and now, our friends.

Bill and Stephanie, March 2014 | More Houzz Reviews

Build Your Forever Home

“We built our custom forever home with Petrine. Frank truly has a gift with design and helped us create a house that is profoundly functional yet infused with magic throughout. The company team worked hard to have the project finished according to our timeline needs which was also impressive.”

Clare Kromhout, January 2016 | More Houzz Reviews

A Most Rewarding Experience

From beginning to end, my experience with Petrine has been a most rewarding one, beginning with the planning of my new house, the actual construction, the finishing touches and occupancy.

Mark Pilon, July 2010 | More Houzz Reviews

Professional. Experienced. Innovative.

“The assistance in designing just what I wanted was professional, experienced and innovative. Most importantly, the few, inevitable glitches were attended to immediately and with no hesitation or charge. I love my home and everything about it and am very grateful for Petrine.”

Sharon Hickson, February 2017 | More Houzz Reviews


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